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Cellina River Stories between Ravedis and Partidor

8 - Partidor

Here electricity is part of everyday life since the late 1800s. It is strictly authentic: hydraulic, Cellina river production.


  • Hydroelectric power plants:
    - San Leonardo
    - Partidor
    - Pordenonese company

We have no information about other places with three hydroelectric power plants close to each other (Partidor, San Leonardo and Pordenone), built in different times, but exploiting the same water. Other than this, of course, explained in this last information pillar. The three power plants use the water of the Cellina river, channelled in three different spots: inside the valley canyon to operate the turbines of the Partidor Power Plant; at the Ravedis gorge to operate those in the San Leonardo Power Plant; and from the Aviano canal for those of the Pordenone area.
Both the first two plants have the characteristic surge tank. The one in Partidor is short and squat. This power plant dates back to the post-First World War period and operated until 1988. On the other hand, the surge tank in San Leonardo is slender and coloured with white and red rings. This power plant was opened in 1988 and is still operational.
These two plants do not have the typical visible and steep pressure pipes (like the ones in the Malnisio Power Plant) because the corresponding charge basins have been built far away in order to have a more efficient fall. In the San Leonardo Power Plant, pressure pipes are underground for agrotechnical needs. In the Partidor Power Plant, they are hidden underneath the embankment that leads to lake used for recreational fishing.
In order to see the power plant of the Pordenonese company, operational from 1898 to 1951, we have to walk south on the paved road, turn left onto the first unpaved road and go on for a short distance (450 meters in whole). It’s only thanks to the deep depression before it (the drainage ditch) that we can see what is left of the former production plant managed by the Società Pordenonese di Elettricità. Whereas the other two power plants were owned by the Venetian SIUFIV, which then was incorporated by SADE in the 30s and finally by ENEL.
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